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This page is intended to help private pilots to find airfields and aerodromes in Denmark. It serves a a controlled wiki, so users will add and update data, but airfields.dk will supervise and try to keep data accurate. You may also add aerodromes in other countries.

Suggestions, questions or comments? - Please write us: info@airfields.dk.


Original idea and coding by Mr. Thomas Leonard, the true father of this site. Thanks to Dr.Zee for setting up the Google Map and creating the markers.
Thanks to gomezmo.com for sponsoring technical support and fixing small bugs.
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Airfields.dk er en privat side og ikke et godkendt værktøj til flyveplanlægning. Det påhviler udelukkende piloten at afgøre om informationer på denne side er brugbare og opdaterede. Airfields.dk kan ikke stilles til ansvar for brug af denne side. For oficielle og godkendte flyverinformationer henvises til AIP Danmark - SLV.

Airfields.dk is a private site and does not provide official AIP documentation. Airfields.dk can not be held responsible for any use of information presented on this site. Information may be inaccurate or outdated. For official documentation, please obtain the relevant AIPs from the Danish CAA - SLV.